Seattle, 2019

May 29, 7:55 AM


empty airport concourse

Mid-day at TLH; pretty slow.

May 29, 10:19 AM


Mississippi river from the air

"Dad, what river is this?"

"The mighty Mississip... the Old Miss. The Old Man."

May 29, 11:50 AM


scene from a restaurant

A frantic 30-min layover run replaced by a 4 hour wait for tornados to subside across DFW. We ate Mexican.

May 29, 3:11 PM

Lots of leg room

plane emergency exit row

Lots of leg room but not much of a view.

May 29, 5:30 PM

Arrival snack

beer and cookies

Lyft driver swung me through a 76 to get some beer. Lucille IPA. Pretty tasty. I think we ended up leaving the cookies in the kitchenette basket.

May 30, 5:57 AM

Public Market Center

famous signage

Day 1 stereotypes. Famous market, famous grey sky.

May 30, 7:26 AM

Space Needle

view from top of needle

Then we walked up to the Space Needle. Incidentally, the surrounding park gives you (for free!) all of the good things about Epcot's World Showcase except the margarita stands around "Mexico." The whole vibe of the place -- science and art and pling-y Asian background sounds (Epcot: piped in; Seattle: authentic buskers).

May 30, 7:49 AM


a mold-a-matic

I only visit Mold-a-Matic towns.

May 30, 7:51 AM

Mad Libs

mad libs for sale

...and places that remember Mad Libs.

May 30, 8:42 AM


amazon buildings

Then we monorailed back to downtown and wandered around the Amazon buildings...