Top Ten 80s Pop Music Beers

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Supporting a small-town brewery on the coast that got walloped by Hurricane Michael last year.

There's a state forest called Tate's Hell between here and there.

Tate's Helles reminded me of a note I've had floating around in drafts for a while; figured I'd dust it off and publish it. A little Dave Letterman fanfic.

Okay, folks, welcome back to the show. Let's open it up, Paul...

[pretaped Top Ten intro rolls]

Thanks, folks.

[ruffles cards]

Here we go. Paul, some beer music, please... it's time for Top Ten 1980s Pop Music Beers!

[applause, laughter, attempted oompah music]

That's right, 1980s beers, to do with the popular music here we go number 10... "Hop for Teacher!"

[enthusiastic applause]

Number 9... "Bock Lobster!"

[enthusiastic applause]

Number 8... "Helles for Children!"

[smattering of applause, sounds of confusion]

Number 7... "Gosebusters! Goooooosebusters!"

[wild applause]

They like those Gose Busters, eh Will? Number 6... Paul do you know about this one? "What About Mead? Mead! What About MEAD!"


Number 5... Number 5... "Weisse It Always This Way." Actually I think that's from the 70s. Paul?

[Paul nods, that's a 70s tune.]

Number 4! Number 4. "You Bitter You Bet!"

[wild applause]

Number 3... "A New Saison!"

[smattering of applause]

Number 2. Number twooooooo. "Will Your Anchor Steam Hold?"


Oh, folks, I'm sorry. That's a Top Ten song from EIGHTEEN EIGHTY-TWO! 1882!


And the Number One 1980s pop music beer.....


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