May 15, 11:15 AM

the dog

This dog starts following me on Summertree. I walk up and down a few blocks trying to coerce it into showing me where "home" is. A woman in a silver Honda drives by and I flag her down. She lives in SW but not this area, is headed to a friend’s house. She calls that friend while I text someone who used to live over here. Her friend tells her to snap a photo. So she pulls over and gets out of her car. But the little dog is so friendly it jumps in! The friend on the phone says “oh gosh just bring it over and we’ll put it on FB”. So, good deed done, I keep walking. 5 blocks later I get to Merchant's Row and a lady in an SUV is flagging down walkers. So I go waving my hands at her from about 2 blocks away. Tell her the whole story. “Somewhere at the other end of this neighborhood there’s a silver Honda. They’re putting your dog on FB.” I try to walk alongside her car but Rey is already beat and needs a rest. I suggest that she cruise the streets looking for the Honda and I’ll catch up. 10 min later I finally get down near Shumard Oak, on Raleigh, and see her pulling away from curb in front my friend’s former house. She u-turns, finds me, says thank you, has her dog back. #ADVENTURES