What I read in February πŸ“š

Non-fiction (essays):

Non-fiction (memoir/bio):

  • Easily Distracted, Steve Coogan. If you like his work, worth reading. Comes off a little defensive, seems like. More thin-skinned than he wants to admit. His acting plus the "new" writers still have a tiger by the tail though.


  • Inherent Vice, Thomas Pynchon. Holy shit I finished another Pynchon novel. The older he gets the easier they are to read? This was really just a CSI:LA'68 episode though. Funny, for anyone old enough to catch all the references (I think I missed a bunch).

  • Exit Strategy, Martha Wells. The fourth and last (?) of the Murderbot series. I said last month, I really love the voice in this series. I figured out why; it reminds me of a supergenius I know. (I can't say more!)