Just ran across "paint roller" in an article...

...except it was spelled as one 11-letter word and I had just finished looking at the Sunday paper's Target ad full of video-game gear, so my brain saw "paintroller," a word similar-to-but-more-menacing-than "controller."

Ay, caramba.


It's hard to think of anything but Rattle & Hum. The only concert t-shirt I've ever bought in a movie theater lobby. The album, on cassette, wasn't enough; I rented the VHS from Blockbuster and dubbed the "full" soundtrack to a Maxell XL-II 90.

In hindsight I can see why it was panned; as a teenager right in its crosshairs -- c'mon.


"We all know cynics. From time to time, we all fall prey to cynicism. But cynicism is corrosive when it saturates a society—as it has long saturated Russia’s, and as it has saturated too much of ours. Cynicism fosters a distrust of reality. It is nothing less than a form of surrender. It provokes a suspicion that hidden malign forces are at play. It instills a sense of victimhood. It may be psychically gratifying in the moment, but it solves nothing.

For a second (or half an hour), I thought something was broken with the indieauth login process, but it seems to working now, so I can post this quote from Gen. Mattis's article in The Atlantic...


Trying to build a new site for puppyrey.online, but torn between pre-built, easy-to-use, no-fun platforms like Wordpress vs DIY oddness like 11ty.io or gatsby.js.

Lots of love, lately, for 11ty but it sort-of makes me crazy. So much nesting of templates/_includes/layouts/partials. So many people are used to this, but I basically started at ES6 and React/JSX. Anything that looks like this makes my head hurt

~nunjucks example removed because in 2020 I moved to nunjucks lol~

I think I'll probably end up doing it with Gatsby, again, but starting from scratch rather than trying to upgrade from an older v1 starter.


Let's Encrypt is so easy to use, you don't have to really understand everything that's going on.

Which is a problem when things go haywire months later. Very murky.

Anyway, note-to-self that there's SSL "stuff" in each .conf file but ALSO in the ssl.conf file (which was still pointed at a prior set of key-files.)

Also apachectl configtest is handy for spotting typos.


Y'day a VSCode plugin creator pushed a not-great change that led to me tweaking a bunch of settings last night & today; this afternoon they realized their mistake and reverted. Now my setup is trashed (unless I am able to get old settings out of TimeMachine? hm!) Anyway, so much for my actual project today.


As @stefp noted already, Blue Nile's "Stay" does the job for today's #mbnov. That said, a run through iTunes turns up even better stuff than 'touch' did y'day. Cars, INXS, D'Arby, M.Crenshaw, Ray Parker, Klark Kent, BoDeans, a-Ha, A.Moyet, Clash, Bowie...