This is how you hate on a catalog. In this case, the Williams-Sonoma holiday one...

Saying this shit is expertly curated is like saying your local Bed Bath & Beyond is a branch of the Smithsonian.


You should have just gotten your old lady a gift card to TJ Maxx instead. This is the same kind of shit they sell in the back of that store anyway.

"[T]he house... [d]reamed up by an interior designer. Austere, lonely, too perfect, in need of being roughed up. No books beyond the untouched giant art editions stacked on low tables. No meal was ever cooked in that kitchen. Only gin and chocolate in the fridge."

-- Ian McEwan, Machines Like Me

I don't love this book (at all) but that's excellent.

Struggling with Netlify's new pricing model. They claim a huge majority of users only use a few minutes of "build time" and will have no problem with the 300-minute free "Starter" tier... but my Gatsby blog takes 8 ~ 12 minutes or more, and rebuilds multiple times a day; if I understand the "Insights" tab correctly, it's gonna cost me $45/mo to host my personal blog? I get that they need to make money but... ah, no.

I have to be misunderstanding or misconfiguring.

Critical (teevee! movies!) USB drive suddenly unavailable. Disk Utility's First Aid no help. This Medium article was the first search result on command-line disk util stuff. (sort-of an ad for his employer, but genuinely useful).

diskutil list

screenshot of diskutil list command

diskutil repairVolume [diskvolume identifier]

screenshot of diskutil repairVolume command

Pretty basic but I'd never needed to repairVolume from the CL.

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screenshot of Elevator Action

TIL there was a blood-n-graffiti "update" to Elevator Action circa 1988. Like they watched a few eps of "Max Headroom."


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Oh good, I take back what I said the other day - keybase is aware of these BS accounts. Their blog post on the issue has a perfect example of what they call "unsavories" (and at the end of the post, "losers," ha.)

Not sure if keybase's future is bright; it seemed like such a clever thing. I guess I'm still rooting for them. Since the spam hasn't hit me personally, I'm keeping it installed, FBOW. @shoesandsocks

Top Ten 80s Pop Music Beers

beer can

Supporting a small-town brewery on the coast that got walloped by Hurricane Michael last year.

There's a state forest called Tate's Hell between here and there.

Tate's Helles reminded me of a note I've had floating around in drafts for a while; figured I'd dust it off and publish it. A little Dave Letterman fanfic.

Okay, folks, welcome back to the show. Let's open it up, Paul...

[pretaped Top Ten intro rolls]

Thanks, folks.

[ruffles cards]

Here we go. Paul, some beer music, please... it's time for Top Ten 1980s Pop Music Beers!

[applause, laughter, attempted oompah music]

That's right, 1980s beers, to do with the popular music here we go number 10... "Hop for Teacher!"

[enthusiastic applause]

Number 9... "Bock Lobster!"

[enthusiastic applause]

Number 8... "Helles for Children!"

[smattering of applause, sounds of confusion]

Number 7... "Gosebusters! Goooooosebusters!"

[wild applause]

They like those Gose Busters, eh Will? Number 6... Paul do you know about this one? "What About Mead? Mead! What About MEAD!"


Number 5... Number 5... "Weisse It Always This Way." Actually I think that's from the 70s. Paul?

[Paul nods, that's a 70s tune.]

Number 4! Number 4. "You Bitter You Bet!"

[wild applause]

Number 3... "A New Saison!"

[smattering of applause]

Number 2. Number twooooooo. "Will Your Anchor Steam Hold?"


Oh, folks, I'm sorry. That's a Top Ten song from EIGHTEEN EIGHTY-TWO! 1882!


And the Number One 1980s pop music beer.....


Seen a couple of articles lately about spam overwhelming the Keybase app; I can't say I've seen any, but for at least a couple of years I've been bewildered at the number of accounts that are pretty obviously trolls/bots -- mostly accounts with over-the-top "patriotism"-related handles.

Then they all disappeared, maybe 6 months ago. As if the troll farms bet hard on Keybase, spent a lot of time building up an army of accounts to spread phony messages... but Keybase never took off with normals, so it was all a waste.



clean up all your old /node_modules with wipe-modules. h/t to @wesbos on Twitter & SyntaxFM for mentioning the idea.

Today's word is verse but I'm a long way from poetry at the moment.